DictSystems provides planning, custom development, integration and support services to a wide range of business sectors.

We offer a range of services and solutions – from enterprise application development to mobile solutions, from planning to portals, from strategy to UI design.

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About Us

We at DictSystems help organizations to find solutions to complex information technology and business management problems, providing a full range of custom IT services that are simply best-of-class.
We work in every sector, with organizations of every type and size, and with every kind of technology.
We're not just IT experts. We’re problem solvers and get-the-work-done specialists. We create the solution, provide the skilled and knowledgeable personnel to implement it, and then manage, execute and track the process that delivers it.

Experience ->

We bring industry-specific experience from hundreds of projects to help solve your specific challenges.

Reliability ->

We take ownership of the work we do and assume accountability for the results.
We ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcomes of our projects.

Collaboration ->

We understand that great teams produce great results.
Our team works closely with yours to achieve amazing results.

Professionalism ->

Our staff are held to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethics.

Strategy ->

Some firms talk strategy but don't implement, while others can't strategize but can execute.
We combine strategy and execution.

Creativity ->

Our professional services staff are highly-motivated, creative people who excel at solving tough challenges.


  • We assess.
  • We plan.
  • We build.
  • We support.
We assess:

When it comes to technology, you need to know where you are before you can move forward.  We help companies gain a clear understanding of their current technology environment in the context of their business goals and strategy.

We plan:

Determining the direction you want to go and the best route to get there can be challenging. We help companies develop strategic, actionable plans to achieve their business objectives.

We build:

The processes and top-caliber team we have enables us to build robust, custom software solutions in an agile, iterative and collaborative way.  We’ll get your project into production and help you realize the business value you expect.

We support:

Our work doesn’t end when the build is complete. Our clients remain as partners over the long-term. We stand behind the solutions we provide – and that means facilitating ongoing support, version upgrades and system enhancements.


Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile Payment
  • Sim Certification
  • Handset Testing
  • Apps

Cloud Solutions

  • Private Cloud
  • SaaS Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Archive
  • Cloud Security

SendVoip Solutions

  • Bigdata & Archive
  • SendVOIP
  • Fraud
  • Work Force Management
  • Digital Secure Sign
  • Statistic and Reports Solutions

Virtual & BigData

  • Virtualization & Consolidation
  • Storage & Server Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Virtual Think Client
  • NOC & SOC Service
  • Firewall Management

Our Partner

NoMachine is the network computing company. Our products radically simplify remote connectivity for both consumers and businesses, delivering applications and desktops to any user, over any network. The software's award-winning performance and enterprise-class management tools make it a complete remote access and hosted desktop solution for any organization.

With its headquarters in Luxembourg, NoMachine also has representative offices located in the United States and Germany and multiple R&D sites around Europe. Since 2003, it has developed an extensive network of integration partners. Currently there are thousands of NoMachine customers, including many of the Fortune Global 100 and 500 companies. Customers include leading organizations and corporations in all types of industries. Our technology is widely used in government and education, deployed by some of the top government groups and universities around the world.

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